What is the relationship of hormones with weight gain ??

Which is the hormone reactions to you with your eating inside your body and with your style and lifestyle in general  because it contains hormones, for example, influenced by certain foods and hormones that are influenced by a change in the pattern of your life patterns, and in which hormones affect your lifestyle

Hormones that control the increase in body weight


  A gland located at the base of the neck, producing hormones T4, T3 and calcitonin and the hormones responsible for the body's metabolism, fat burning, regularity of sleep, heart rate, brain growth and bicon deficiency due to malnutrition or the spread of environmental toxins, and of course know that hypothyroidism malfunction In the rates of burning either acute or sharp increase and sometimes depression and a night of great happiness

Insulin hormone

Is a hormone Pfizer pancreas role in the body summary in that it carries the transfer of glucose to the cells of the body to be used as a card or stored in the form of Gilokogen and help in maintaining the level of sugar in the blood moderate

The most important causes of insulin dysfunction, excessive consumption of sugars and carbohydrates and finally in the body is related to the state of insulin resistance and the remaining cells of the body unable to identify and thus reject the receipt of glucose and keep a large surplus glucose in the bloodstream and into the body takes the position of storage of fat every high sugar

Hormone for leptin

Known as the hormone satiety, by the production of fat cells responsible for sending the signal of satiety to the brain but it stimulates the process of burning fat relatively increase body fat and excessive consumption of eating Biathr negatively on the ability of fat cells in production and thus difficult to send the signal of satiety of the brain


Known as the hormone of hunger, mainly by the stomach, but the small intestine and the brain and pancreas Pafraz part of it, excessive consumption of eating, especially sugars life style unbalanced sale of dysfunction in the secretion and Bzudh very Vdhk in the case of greed towards eating all the time


Hormone secreted from the ovary, with high levels in the body because of excessive foods rich in estrogen or because of a defect in the ovary increase secretion significantly increase rate of insulin resistance and thus high glucose and storage of fat

Estrogen is always the only defendant in the fat of the lower part of the body, often either significantly increase or decrease significantly in cases of intermittent menstrual periods in women over the 40 and D to slowly introduce the process of burning because it revolves on sources that are provided by estrogen and the first need to run them are fatty cells, Energy sources of fat accumulate at the bottom especially if the muscles are weak

Cortisol hormone

Is the steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland, basically secreted by the feeling of depression and anxiety and excessive nervousness and in this case it increase the secretion of cortisol pylori with the secretion of insulin and fatty acids stimulate the maturity of fat cells


Of hormones that are highly intertwined with estrogen are needed in a balanced manner because the quality of progesterone is balanced, maintaining moderate estrogen levels, more needs for dysfunction, interruption of the menstrual cycle, use of contraceptives, excessive consumption of hormone-rich food and antibiotics


Of hormones that excreted secretion of the ovary, secrete at six rates by simple Gdaaaa unlike men, hormone H of hormones, which helps greatly in the process of burning and building muscle and bone, the most important reasons for dysfunction in the secretion of the increase are cases of polycystic ovaries, which provide secretion By reducing the secretion of estrogen significantly, and of course, Peythar on the efficiency of fat burning process and the body is often stored instead of what burns

Melatonin hormone

The secretion of the pineal gland, known as the hormone relaxation to help maintain the biological clock of the body is responsible for the large regularity of sleep, excreted significantly during the period of night and significantly decreased during the day, the first high levels of low body temperature and release and release of growth hormone In order to improve the process of fat burning and muscle building at the time of the reflex, which most of the sleep during sleep, decrease the hormone cortisol increases and weaken the process of burning significantly, one of the biggest causes of dysfunction in the secretion is to watch for long hours