Large egg + white egg

Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

1 spoon mustard

A quarter cup of olive oil

Three quarters of a cup of paraffin oil (paraffin oil is a complex oil that is not absorbed by the body and descends as it is without any absorption of it so it is a strong laxative and it has no harm at all)

salt and pepper as needed

Tablespoon vinegar

You can add any flavors to the mayonnaise such as garlic cloves or a teaspoon of honey or a teaspoon of thyme

How to prepare

At first bring a mixer running on more than one speed. We begin to beat the egg and egg whites second

And continue to confuse the low-speed oil boy after we mix the two species on a drop drop.

After the Mayonnaise starts to form the olive oil in a fine floss, continue until half of the oil is finished.

Add the other ingredients (recovered, salt, pepper and any flavors added in this step) once and continue mixing.

While adding the other half of the oil to the mixer, lemon juice and vinegar are added gradually, and we can use the high speed of the mixer when adding the second half of the oil.

The addition of oil gradually (from drops to fine thread) is very important for the formation of Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise will not form if all components are added once.

If oil is separated during the flipping process or during storage, add egg yolk to mayonnaise and be mixed again.

After preparing the mayonnaise, keep it in the refrigerator, and should not be placed outside the fridge for a long time to contain sensitive substances (eggs). It is also recommended that the storage period should not exceed one week in the refrigerator.