Love eating alot  is one of the most important causes of obesity. It means feeling hungry and eating constantly. You find that your weight increases quickly. You can follow simple and easy methods that make it easy to maintain weight and fill appetite.

The balance of appetite is generally a sign of good health, but what about the suddenly open appetite?!, Some people find that you are open-minded all the time and do not mind when a friend puts them on a diet or suggests meals at work

Food for appetite control

There are many foods and drinks that help curb appetite and help reduce eating, which in turn helps to reduce the size of the stomach, and the most important of these foods recommended by nutritionists to:

Ginger tea.
Lemon juice and mint.
Vegetable juice.
Whole grains like salmon

Misconceptions There are reasons related to wrong habits such as the following:

Neglect in breakfast Some people think that when they skip breakfast, they lose weight and reach the ideal weight. On the contrary, breakfast is the most important staple of the day. It helps to stimulate fat burning by adjusting blood sugar level. Be sure to eat breakfast if you have a type of protein, especially if it is animal, such as eggs, if boiled to be healthy, this makes you eat less.

 Not drinking water does not drink water has a role in weight gain, and some people control their open appetite drinking water, because drinking water works to fill the appetite, it also gives a sense of activity and vitality necessary for the body, so it is necessary to drink water with full meals to fill the appetite , The natural rate of drinking water is 6 to 8 cups daily.

Lack of proper nutrition Get healthy and healthy food, so you do not feel hungry during your day, and choose foods that supply your body with vitamins, minerals and fiber such as fruits and vegetables. It works to fill the appetite and does not contain a large amount of calories.

Fat Meals When you eat a heavy meal, you will feel the need to eat more food to digest the meal, so you will not burn more fat, replace fatty meals with home-made snacks that contain nutrients such as fats and proteins, because they need more time in digestion.

Lack of sleep Food is the source of energy in the body, and the body if not taken enough rest stimulates the feeling of hunger and the constant sense of desire to eat more food, so take your time to sleep to wake up with all activity and vitality and eat less food, and the normal time to sleep is from 6 to 8 hours.

Watching TV while you are eating Are you a person who feels a constant desire to eat while watching TV? This may be natural, because studies indicate that television puts you at risk of obesity, because you do not chew food well while watching television, you feel hungry constantly, and you feel more pleasurable to eat, eating nuts and soft drinks without any expense, For chronic obesity and hunger.

If you do not do one of the wrong habits that affect your health, here are the most important reasons for being gay, which you should visit the doctor after you know:
Increased thyroid hormone.
  Type I and II diabetes.
  Pregnancy diabetes.
  Depression and mental disorders.
  Low blood sugar.
  In the case of pregnancy and the rise of progesterone.

First recipe

one spoon Fennel
Black tea

we will mix them on boil water then we will leave it 10 min. until it became warm then drink it every day on empty stomach

Black tea

Second recipe 

Mint  1 spoon of latency pomegranate 1 spoon of  Ginger

Put them on liter of water then boiled them half boiled then leave it to became warm then drink it before every meal by half an hour

Third recipe

Green tea
Seeds of flax

Put them on liter of water then boiled them half boiled then leave it to became warm then drink it before every meal by half an hour

Fourth recipe 

White honey Lemon Orange

Put them on liter of water then boiled them half boiled then leave it to became warm then drink it before every meal by half an hour