Exercise works skipping rope to lower fat; as the body is using fat stored in the body for energy production, it is worth mentioning that must combine several types of aerobic exercise in order to burn fat in the belly area, and to achieve it is advisable to start the font cord before lifting weights or exercises exercises frequent high density in order to loosen the joints, increase heart rate, which the body prepares to do other exercise, as advised to do exercises skipping rope for 10 minutes after the completion of the exercise, this method helps in the exercises to burn fat in all the focus In addition to the body rumen

Health Benefits of Exercise

The muscles of the body are completely affected by the practice of rope lengthening, making it a great exercise for stretching and elongation.

Sports rope helps you lose weight while following a healthy diet in exercise. To lose weight you need to do more to get rid of calories. Calories as a way to measure energy, so the burning of calories through exercise depends on the individual's weight as well as intensity of activity.

The exercise of rope jumping exercises is a great way to improve the strength of the muscles in the body and lower body, and you may feel some pain in the legs after the first day of exercise, but the pain will disappear after several days.

When practicing cord lengthening exercises, blood pressure and heart rate are at their best.

Sport rope is not only special feet, buttocks and waist, but is also useful for burning fat both arms

The sport of rope is very useful for the body, it works on tightening and tightening the muscles, and prevention of relaxation, in addition to this sport is useful for the chest, working on the intensity and make the appearance looks beautiful.

If you keep the cord on a weekly basis, you will feel tight muscles in both the upper and lower half of the body.

The study also reported that a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) of rope jumping is approximately 45 minutes of swimming and (30 minutes) of running and one hour of walking, which burns more Of 200 calories.

It is recommended to avoid the practice of cord lengthening in some cases, such as the elderly, or for people with significant weight gain, severe fatigue, or nausea, in addition to people with chest pain, difficulty breathing, or arthritis, Replace the rope tether with less intense aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, and others.

You will need no tools except rope, good music and a sports bra.

Sports rope helps to lose weight and enough to organize for two weeks to notice your tight muscles in the buttocks and abdomen and muscles of the lower half of the body.

It is best to practice rope lengthening exercises in open spaces away from the ceilings, so that they do not rise at the ceiling and bump your head against the ceiling or places with low ceiling fans

It is recommended to practice several exercises along with the rope to avoid exposing the knees and ankles to any damage. It is recommended to add them to the athletic system consisting of jogging, resistance, lengthening, stomach and other aerobic exercises

Tucking the rope for ten minutes provides you with the same health benefits as running sport for 45 minutes

The rope lengthening for an entire hour burns approximately 1400 calories

By exercising your rope you will have regular heartbeat.

It's as easy to practice as it can be done anywhere it is also less expensive. It also has many health benefits. It strengthens the muscles of the leg, back and heart. It also helps to eliminate excess fat, increases stamina, improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs, and gives the body a perfect integrity. The practice of this sport works to burn between 680 and 815 calories within an hour. Make sure to choose a rope suitable for your size and avoid jumping barefoot or socks.