Many people may not consider this to be a sport, but if we know that the rise of the stairs burns between 650 and 900 calories per hour, we will definitely reconsider the choice between elevator and escalator, as well as activities that do not need to go anywhere or special equipment to practice.

Some people may get tired of going up and down the stairs and use the electric elevator instead, but they do not know very well that the rise and fall of the ladder is one of the most important sports for the body. This sport has a positive benefit to the physical and psychological health of the person. Age groups are available everywhere and can be played at all times.

Sports in general is very important for the large and small man, it develops the mind and activates, and it helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the body and provide energy. Because of the living conditions that we face now with the lack of time and the daily busyness, many people do not have time to exercise, but there is a sport that can be done without the need for free time, the sport of stairs, which has many benefits, including:

Helps burn large amounts of fat and calories, leading to weight loss and ideal body access.The thermal one rate every 10 steps is more than the jogging sport, so it is recommended for people with overweight and obesity.

Relieves stress, activates body and brain more than running, or cycling.

Climbing 20 floors per week affects with many low risk of 20% of all causes mortality.

Help to sculpt the body, relieve the appearance of the rumen, remove the side fat, and back. The waist circumference shrinks by about two centimeters a week, if exercised properly.

According to the results of health studies conducted in this regard, climbing stairs can reduce the risk of stroke and arteriosclerosis.

This sport helps to slim and slim the body if it is practiced continuously.

Hiking and climbing stairs are better than gyms. It helps strengthen the muscles, enhancing the ability to withstand stress and excess force.The rise of the stairs helps to strengthen muscles, especially the legs and back, as well as improve and strengthen the bones, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and rickets, and helps regulate the metabolism, which promotes the burning of more calories

And helps to reduce the risk of arthritis, and the rise of the stairs to improve blood sugar, so diabetes is advised to take the stairs from time to time

 Practicing a 7 minute walk up stairs daily reduces the risk of heart attack by half.

Helps stimulate the body as it works to move the entire body muscles.

Going up the stairs is a quick and easy way to change a sedentary lifestyle and break a monotonous daily routine of work, add more physical activity and movement in everyday life, it enriches the individual from going to gyms.

The rise of the ladder for two additional minutes a day is sufficient to prevent the middleweight from gaining weight.

Improves the physique of the body and thus improves its external appearance.

Limit the symptoms of some chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.

Strengthens the muscles of the thighs and pelvis, and protects against the risk of osteoporosis fracture, especially in women after age 50

Increase the amount of oxygen that the body can consume during the day, and improve the capacity of the lungs in general.

  Reduce fat rates, and harmful cholesterol in the body. Protect against joint, bone, and knee pain.

A person is given better health and lasting agility.

Ways to practice the sport of climbing the ladder

The rise of the stair degree degree, while maintaining the level of the ankles, lift the knees as much as possible, this helps to slim the area of the thighs, and strengthen their muscles.

  The rise of the ladder two degrees high speed to improve the breathing process, and raise the heart rate significantly.

Jumping the ladder three degrees together, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the thighs, and improves the function of the respiratory system in general.

Tips for the sport of climbing the ladder

  Preferably wear a comfortable and comfortable sports shoe, to easily jump on the ladder.

  Heat by moving the feet, or running in place, for a period of three to five minutes.

  Lose the ladder well, to ensure that there is no bump in it, or break causing loss of balance during exercise.

Damaged Sports Up the stairs

In general, sport has no harm to the healthy person and does not suffer from any chronic diseases, but for the sport of climbing stairs is not recommended for those suffering from pain in the knee or joints or back pain and paragraphs, as well as when these symptoms appear after the start of the ascension and descent must Graduation in it is a sign that the body is not yet ready to practice this sport.

The use of the stairs is not suitable for respiratory patients due to difficulty breathing and oxygen.

 Strain the knees when the stairs descend, which can cause pain in the joints of the feet.

Difficulty using stairs for seniors to make an effort to climb the stairs.

 The use of the stairs causes health problems during pregnancy, causing bleeding and affecting the health of the fetus. In the early months, the pregnancy is unstable and any additional effort, such as ascending stairs, may cause fetal loss. In recent months, the slow movement of the pregnant woman prevents her from using the stairs. The elevator instead.

Benefits of climbing stairs and going down to the pregnant

  Helps the fetus to take the right position and suitable for birth, where it facilitates the descent of the head to the lower side of the uterus.

  Strengthens the important pelvic muscles during the natural delivery process, so it is recommended to climb the stairs and come down three times a day.

  Helps to open the uterus.