What is the Lungs exercise?

Lungs exercise is one of the home exercises that strengthen the muscles of the legs or hind legs, which are centered in the following muscles:
1 - gluteus muscle: -
This muscle is located in the upper region of the hind leg. It is a muscle that is located on the top of the hind leg and consists of two similar pairs, each one in a man, which is sitting on it now.
2 - hamstring muscle: -
This muscle occupies the area of ​​the hind limb and stretches from the top of the knee from the back to the beginning of the gluteus muscle it is positioned by the thigh from the hindquarters.
This muscle actually consists of a group of longitudinal muscles forming one muscle.

Benefits of strengthening men's back muscles: -

Men's back muscles are the most active and effort during running with muscle quarantine so if you want to strengthen your running or running and improve your physical performance you strengthen the muscles of the back legs and strengthen the muscles of the quarantine that push you forward.

By empowering the back man and his body fat so give yourself the strength in running and fitness, which is usually not interested by most players, either bodybuilding or sedition

The way of doing the exercise Lungs lunges ex: -

Standing standing and stretching your leg right forward and the work of a corner around the knee and thigh and return your foot second and return the ball but the other man.