Do not go shopping and you are hungry, because that makes you accept any options that are offered to you. Make sure to prepare vegetables and chopped fruit, as light food that you can eat when you feel hungry, which prevents you from eating junk food.

Drink a cup of lemon juice daily, because it works on burning fat effectively, and can be added to the foods you eat or any other drink.

Add hot spices to the food, as it stimulates fat burning and speed up metabolism

Start with a plate of light soup, as it helps to reduce appetite and speed up the feeling of satiety

Drink more water instead of juices, especially before eating.

Exercise any physical activity daily, whether walking, running or exercising at home.

Eat breakfast daily in the early hours, so that the body starts to burn calories.

Eat whole grains, such as oatmeal and brown rice, because they are calorie-free, which makes you feel full.

Go to sleep early and take enough sleep every day to stimulate your fat burning and lose weight. Sleeping less than five hours a day makes you more prone to obesity.

Avoid as much as possible processed foods, because they contain carbohydrates, sugars and preservatives that cause weight gain.

Use the stairs instead of the electric elevator to burn some calories.

Replace dairy products and whole-fat cheeses with low-fat or low-fat foods.

Do not eat late at night, allowing the stomach to digest food efficiently.

Replace fired with grilled foods.

Do not eat while watching TV, because it makes you eat more than usual, so take care to eat without doing anything else.

First you have to know the number of calories you have to eat daily to lose weight through a simple calculation you can search for and will show you sites dedicated to it. Then you have to calculate the calories you eat every day.

Start an inventory of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinet and remove foods that may increase your weight and replace them with vegetables, fruits and all the healthy foods you love. This idea will ensure that whenever you feel hungry and want to eat something that is healthy and harmless to your health.

There are a lot of phone applications that help you calculate your daily calories and tell you the ideal weight you should pray, and the other gives you daily sports training to suit your goal.

Follow the stories of people who have already been able to lose excess weight and see their photos before and after and hear their experiences and will often, especially at times when you feel tired.

Although there are supporters and opponents of this system, the idea of getting out of the daily pattern and eating your favorite meal once a week is a powerful incentive to complete your weight loss journey.

This system depends on fasting of 14 to 16 hours a day and dividing the meals on the remaining hours which is very effective in slimming.

Do not remove starches from your diet, your body needs all the elements but eat a small amount of them.

Do not deprive yourself, you can eat everything literally, it's all about quantity and timing!

Always look for different ideas for diet meals and type in your meals so you do not feel bored.

The magical equation is to eat less calories with fat burning through sports, adjust this equation and you will get a perfect body.

Do not hesitate to lose weight that will harm your body, set goals realistic and lose weight in a healthy way.

Despair and boredom caused by high expectations and illogical goals always leads to despair, so keep on starting and not receiving.

Think of your body as a person dear to you and try to understand their needs to be happy always.