1 - Breakfast

One of the simplest ways to control hunger is to eat breakfast regularly. People who stay all night without food and neglect breakfast, hunger rises to more than normal levels in the middle of the day or later, leading to more than normal intake. So eating breakfast is one of the most important things that help to reduce the stomach and eat moderate amounts of food

2 - Eat vegetables and whole grains
There is a way to control hunger by eating foods high in fiber. Vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms and broccoli provide a high level of healthy nutrition. It also gives you a sense of satiety and is low in calories.

3 - Eat slowly
In general eating slowly is a good strategy when trying to lose weight. The body needs some time between 20 and 30 minutes to send a signal to the brain to give a sense of satiety. When eating too fast, the person is at greater risk of over-eating. So strategically eating slowly and really enjoying the food will prevent you from over-eating and help to reduce the size of your stomach naturally.

4. Drink water When you drink enough water, it helps you feel full. Doctors have recommended drinking eight glasses of water a day because this often prevents the body from eating too much and gives a feeling of satiety and helps to reduce the stomach naturally. Read about water diet

5. Get enough sleep
Studies show that people who get an insufficient amount of sleep, the body increases the production of the hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone), which increases the appetite and hunger and eating more food, while at the same time a decrease in the hormone leptin (satiety), which It makes it difficult to control hunger. So sleep early and wake up early improves the level of hunger and satiety hormone and helps to eat in a natural way and reduce the size of the stomach without the need for surgery.

6. Use smaller dishes Large-scale eating sends a signal that the amount of food is inadequate and small, but putting food in smaller dishes sends signals to the brain suggesting fullness, regardless of the actual amount of food in the dishes. Putting the same amount of food in smaller dishes is a sure way to help you eat fewer amounts without notice, which helps to reduce the size of the stomach naturally.

7. Avoid eating in front of the TV
Eating in front of the television makes you eat without feeling the amount you eat, especially if the fast meals with high calories, so it is always advised to avoid eating in front of the television to help reduce the volume of food intake and reduce the size of the stomach naturally

8. Keep snacks out of sight Numerous studies have shown that people eat far more when food is visible rather than put it in a far-sighted place, even if they know it exists in a particular place. To avoid extra snacks, you should keep the tempting food in a place far from sight or out of the house.

9. Chew food well Chewing food slowly gives a feeling of fullness more quickly with less food intake with fewer calories.

10 - Refrain from eating fast food: Foods sold in fast food restaurants are full of calories and fats that go directly to storage in the form of fat in the abdomen. So you should not eat junk food and replace it with healthy food such as salads, vegetables and fruits.