The most useful fruits and the pleasure is said that the consumption of fruit in the day, which keeps you from the doctor it apple fruit, which we will talk about the benefits and we will give you the fastest diet for apples lose 4 kilo in just 5 days.

Apple is one of the fruits that helps reduce calorie consumption, according to a medical study, which indicated that eating one tablet of apples before eating a basic meal in 15 minutes contributed to reduce the consumption of about 190 calories compared to not taken.
The benefits of apples for diet

Provision of nutrients
Sense of fullness
Reduce fat absorption
Increase metabolism

We offer you the following details:
First: Provision of nutrients:

Eating apples helps to supply the body with all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for it while dieting, because it provides the complete nutrients needed by the body.

Second: feeling full:

Apple needs to chew a lot of it because it contains a lot of fiber up to 5.5 grams in one apple, and the most prominent fiber in the apple pectin, which mainly causes a sense of satiety by delaying the digestion and increase the length of food in the stomach In addition, the apple contains protein, which enhances the sense of satiety and reduces hunger.

Third: Reduce fat absorption:

In addition to pectin's sense of satiety, pectin is also characterized by its ability to reduce the absorption of fat in the food by forming a gel.

Fourth: Increasing the metabolism:

For the speed of burning calories and burning fat is recommended to eat apples because of his ability to complete the science of 
weight loss very quickly.

Apple Diet
In the context of our offer of the benefits of apples for the foreclosure we offer you apple cider and it is as follows:Appetite is based on eating green apples mainly during this diet, which is only 5 days, and one of the advantages of this diet is that it contributes to the loss of about 4 kilos of weight, and while following the diet of apples are drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day.

Apple and water diet and loss of 5 kg per week

 First day

Breakfast: Apple.
Lunch: Apples.
Dinner: Apple.
Drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

the second day

Breakfast: Apple.
Lunch: lettuce with lemon or vinegar, cheese, some salt, 2 liters of water during the day.
Dinner: Apple.

the third day

Breakfast: a piece of bread, a slice of meat and apple.
Lunch: lettuce with carrots and onions.
Dinner: Apple

the fourth day

Breakfast: a piece of bread, a slice of veal and apple.
Lunch: salad of vegetables and potatoes with tuna and lemon.
Dinner: Apple

The fifth day

Breakfast: apple, fried eggs and a slice of bread.
Lunch: raw vegetable salad and baked meat in the oven.
Dinner: Apple.

Important information about apples:

One apple contains 80-100 calories.
Apple does not contain any fat.
Apple is one of the most cultivated fruits around the world.
The length of the apple tree is between 3 and 12 meters depending on the type.
China ranks first in the world in apple cultivation followed by America.

From Central Asia, apple has spread to various parts of the world.