With various activities during the day such as housework, cooking, writing or caring for your children, your hands are exposed to many external factors that may lead to damage. Therefore, more attention should be paid to hand care to protect and moisten them. What do you think of preparing some simple natural blends to moisturize and soften your hands.

Natural mixtures are one of the best inexpensive methods that do not take much time to pamper your hands. With regular use, you will notice for yourself the softness and beauty of your hands.

Basic steps for hand care:

Basic hand care includes some of the steps that must be followed regularly:

- Peeling hands using a suitable peeler.

- Use natural mixtures for moisturizing.

- Use natural creams to protect your hands.

Hand and foot care

  1 - Take care to wash your feet and hands before sleeping and dry them and not expose them to the air during the wet.

 2. Make sure to peel your feet and hands once a week either by using a prepared peeler or making homemade peeled sugar, salt or olive oil.

 3 - Use moisturizing cream daily to keep the skin of the feet and hands of the drought.

4 - Use glycerol and lemon to lighten any darkness in the feet or hands.

5. Use dry stone to clean the feet but do not use it in more than one direction so as not to hurt your feet.

6 - Wear cotton socks all night from time to time where it keeps the softness and moisturize the skin of your feet.

 Remove the dead skin from around the nails and cut your nails and nostrils.

 8. Use glycerol and rose water to protect your nails from cracking.

 9 - Massage your hands and feet because this prevents you from aging.

10 - Use moisturizing creams containing lactic acid or alpha hydroxy as it is better for dry skin.

First recipe


we will get the yogurt and but it on our hand and we we rub it for 5 min then we leave it on our hand for 5 to 10 min then we clean it with warm water  we will make it daily for 10 days then we will make it once a week

Second recipe 

2 spoon Bananas mashed
1 spoon olive oil
1 spoon White honey

we will mix them then but it on our hand and we we rub it for 5 min then we leave it on our hand for 5 to 10 min then we clean it with warm water  

Third recipe

Alovera gel 

But it on our hand and leave it for 15 min. then wash your hand with warm water and make it daily

Fourth recipe

Medical glycerin
White honey

We will mix them and but it on our hand for 10 min. then wash it with warm water

Fifth recipe

Coconut oil 

we will but the socks in the coconut oil till the socks absorbs it then turn over the socks and wear it in our hands and sleep with it ..
2 or 3 days and you will find your hand very soft