These exercises are known as squatting exercises, and in recent years they have spread widely among athletes, especially athletes and amateur women, and have become widely known among trainers. They help to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back and do not need expensive equipment. Or a gym
When you practice about 100 exercises, you burn about 70 calories, and the more you increase, the more you can burn. While at the same time softening the muscles of the knees and protect them from any future risks, and get rid of cellulite in a striking way to tighten the buttocks and get rid of fat in this region of the body.

How to practice the exercises

Keep your body free, leave a small distance between your feet, slide down your body, do not try to bend your back, and make it tight. You can use the chair at first, when you come down to put your hand on it and your back.

The benefits of squat exercises

Works on a lot of the muscles of the body such as the muscles of the thigh and legs and hamstrings and the muscles of the ass.

After a short period of exercise, you will notice that your ass has become much more attractive and tight, and you will get rid of any slack in the back, and the practice of squat helps to reduce the buttocks very quickly compared to Other Aerobics

squat exercises are muscle-building exercises everywhere. They not only build the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, but create an ideal environment throughout the body, producing some growth hormones naturally

These exercises help eliminate cellulite and the white deposits in the skin, which are among the most important exercises in the elimination of cellulite

Helps to harmonize the shape of the body, and tighten the body.

Although it helps to gain weight it works on burning fat and works on body agility and muscle strength.

Improve the training exercises of fitness and improve the performance of the heart and blood vessels and improve the heartbeat.

Exercise properly in order to avoid muscular tension, pain in the knee joint and back pain.

Helps to increase body strength in general and maintain movement significantly, and further strengthens the muscles of the leg, which helps to increase strength in the exercise of daily tasks.

Exercise helps women to get rid of any negative energy in the body, after you do the exercise you feel that all the negative energy in your body has turned into a positive energy and feel happy, and find yourself more active and vitality and increase your ability to endure the daily stress and stress that may be met, So make sure you start your day with exercise exercises to start your day actively and get rid of fatigue and laziness.

Before you start doing the exercises, practice warm up exercises so that you do not get muscle cramps.

Do not exercise before sleep, until you grow well, because the sport helps you to wake up.

Protects the body from osteoporosis and rheumatic bone diseases

Burns calories and helps eliminate excess weight quickly.

It helps to increase the rate of burning in the body, and helps to coordinate the body and reduce the entire body, especially the legs and buttocks will notice that the measurement of the legs And the buttocks have differed very much after a short period of continuing to practice exercises slack

If you are a professional, perform the exercises 50 times a week, add 50 units until you pray at the end of the month to 200 times so that you do not exercise. Feel tired and tense.