Cabbage is important in your diet because it contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene and insoluble fiber. Cabbage has been used for centuries due to its therapeutic healing properties and is cheap. Cabbage juice has been used for treatment of several ailments. Below are health benefits of cabbage juice.

Prevents cancer
A diet high in cabbage can minimize the risk of breast cancer. Studies have shown that individuals who take high amounts of cabbage are at lower risk of breast cancer. It was discovered that there is a strong inverse reaction between fruits and vegetables like cabbage, dark leafy vegetables and breast cancer. Intake of cruciferous vegetables for at least once per week can significantly reduce the risk of breast, kidney, colorectal, oral, and esophagus cancers. Therefore cruciferous vegetables like cabbage can be used to lower risk of several cancers.

Cabbage juice promotes weight loss
Cabbage juice can be used as a weight loss beverage since it’s low in calories. You may lose weight much faster if you drink cabbage juice instead of higher calorie beverages like commercial juice. Cabbage juice helps you reset the hormones for rapid weight loss.

Treatment of ulcers with cabbage juice
Cabbage juice is an effective natural remedy for treating ulcers. It contains gefarnate, glucosinolates, s-methylmethionine and l-glutamine that support your digestive tract through healing the mucous membrane lining. Medics have discovered that cabbage contains anti-peptic ulcers that reduce histamine-induced peptic ulcers from forming.

Reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
Cabbage and broccoli have been found useful for reducing bad cholesterol in your body if you have high cholesterol according to studies. Medical experts found that individuals who didn’t consume cabbage and broccoli juice had insignificant results.

Cabbage juice improves your skin
Cabbage juice is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that improve your skin. Vitamin C contained in cabbage promotes a healthy skin and also used as an ingredient in skin care products. Medics claim that inadequate vitamin C contributes to easy bruising, dry skin and reduced elasticity.

When choosing between red or white cabbage, go with red cabbage over white. This is because red cabbage contains higher amounts of vitamin C than white ones. Red cabbage even has more vitamin C compared to oranges. Red cabbage has antioxidants called anthocyanin that has several health benefits like boosting immune system, skin care and reducing cancer. Red cabbage also contains vitamin K and glucosinolates that help you fight cancer.

There are some benefits when taking vegetable juice rather than eating them. Juicing breaks down the food thus making it easier to be absorbed into your blood stream. Here is how you can make a fermented cabbage juice.