Causes of blackness of knees and elbows

 There are several reasons and factors leading to the problem of blackness in the areas of knees and elbows and even other areas of the body, the most important of which:

Exposure to sunlight

 The atmosphere is dry.

 Continuous friction, such as friction with clothing or land.

 Frequent movement of joints and sweating.

Genetic factors.

Use some of the over-the-counter medications to increase melanin in the skin.

 Do not rub these areas with the elbows during bathing.

 Vitamin A deficiency.

The presence of dead or damaged skin

To get rid of buckets and knees

  Periodic peeling Always peel the area of the elbow and knee regularly to eliminate the accumulation of dead cells and the roughness of the texture. Use a small, soft brush for purpose and do not overdo the area by brushing so as not to cause skin infections and increase in drying. Try peeling gently and gently with circular movements. Apply peeling once or twice a week at the latest, depending on the condition. Use one of your favorite oils with a little salt and rub these areas gently and then wash with lukewarm water.

You can use moisturizing creams for the purpose or simply a make-up remover. It will do the trick. You can also use honey mask and cocoa butter. It is very useful in giving this area a lot of softness.

Hot water and almond oil Soak the feet every night in hot water, put your feet in the water and wash the knees while rubbing lightly with the bath stone, after the bath of warm feet. Dry well with sweet almond oil. It is an excellent bleach for this area. In the morning, wash your knees with soap and put your moisturizing cream on it, and use a lightening cream for the skin. You can apply it to the two cups.

 lemon lemon is known for its enormous ability to lighten the dark areas of the skin, cut the lemon into halves and then kneel your knees
And your hosts regularly.

Olive oil and salt Use olive oil with salt to rub the area for a week, after which you can add "glycerol" for softness.

 Water Drink plenty of water because water is best for skin skin in general.

Care to prevent the recurrence of darkness should kneel gently when praying and not pressing on the two cups.

Castor oil and glycerin uses castor oil and glycerin to eliminate the blackness of the knee and elbows

First recipe 

1 spoon black pepper 1 spoon Lemon vaseline


We mix them up  And leave them 5 minutes Then put them on the elbow or knees and leave them for 5 to 10 minutes
but if we fill that it burn the body we have to clean it because it contain pepper

Second recipe

1 spoon of Turmeric

half spoon if Vaseline 

We mix them up

And put them on the elbow or knee for an hour and half or for two hours after it we will clean it with warm water

Third recipe

Lemon White vinegar waters Rose water We mix them up And put them on the elbow or knee from an hour and half to two hours and if u feel that it burn wipe it

Fourth recipe

spoon and half of oat

2 spoon of Lemon

2 spoon of glycerin

We mix them up

And put them on the elbow or knee from an hour then clean it with warm water

Fifth recipe

half spoon of Lemon
spoon and half of Coarse salt spoon and half of  Rose water

mix them all then And put them on the elbow or knee from half an hour to 45 minutes then clean it with warm water