The first point:
Drinking plenty of water: There was a misconception that drinking water during eating is better. This is a misconception where the Almighty says, "We made water from everything living." A diet that involves eating water, fruits and vegetables must be followed before meals.

The second point:
Eating 6 meals a day helps slimming with the diversification of daily meals, preferably eating fresh and natural foods and away from canned food and canned food.

Third point:
Protein helps slimming: The diet should contain a high percentage of legumes, grains and animal proteins provided they are free of fats and oils.

Fourth point:
Beware of cheeses and powdered milk with no excessive intake of carbohydrates and in the case of multiplication for any reason should be added to the three times a green salad and must be taken after water, fruits, vegetables, protein or pulses.

The fifth point:
Keep away from juices, sweets and fats, and compensate for any type of fruit at any time allowed and fat allowance uses a little oil, and to learn to eat one piece of candy needs to walk 5 kilometers to burn their prices.

Sixth point:
Abdominal pain should be eliminated if it is found, because it is one of the most important reasons for the emergence of the abdomen and the appearance of the rumen and it leads to hair loss and skin pigmentation.

Seventh point:
It is one of the most rapid causes of obesity between the main meals, and the non-use of nuts between meals, and in the case of the desire to eat nuts intention taken by the person before eating the main meal helps to reduce weight to break the appetite, In the case of hunger between meals, the person takes any kind of vegetables and fruits and any quantity. You must eat at least six meals a day.

Point Eight:
The type of sport varies according to each person and his desire to practice any kind of it, depending on the health conditions of the person, and can start walking or jumping in the place or practice swimming or jogging, or even perform exercises in the office or at home or at work, Body lift and abdominal suction are one of the secrets of body beauty.

Point Nine:
If you want to sleep, it should be after eating the meal at least two hours, preferably walking even for 100 steps.

Point 10:
Take the herbs known and not unknown, such as beautiful drinks such as anise, thyme, marjoram, chamomile and mint. Eating herbs that help to lose weight, especially herbs, can play an important role in the elimination of gas, bloating and constipation, leading to a lack of flatulence and food intolerance in the intestines. Most important of all, we should start with the initial step and take a slimming decision.