Some people may think that diet is cruel to the self as it stands in the way of eating a lot of delicious food, while this is a common mistake because diet does not mean deprivation, but it only means limiting the quantities that you eat or in other words we eat everything we desire but in small quantities, There must be a balance between your choice of food so that your daily diet contains protein, fat and carbohydrates while avoiding starch because it works to raise the efficiency of brain chemistry, which helps to feel calm and relax and increase the intake of protein that provides the body with vigor and activity

10 errors prevent weight loss

Skip meals:

Eating patterns, such as eating distribution throughout the day, can have a major impact on the progress of weight loss. Many people think that reducing calorie intake by skipping meals helps speed up weight loss, but actually skipping one meal can often lead to over-eating at the next meal because you will be starving.
In addition, skipping meals negatively affects the level of blood sugar, metabolism and energy level.

Rely on low-fat foods in your diet:

When you try to lose weight, many people will usually rely on the search for low-fat foods and artificial sweeteners, but eating such foods causes cravings to get sugar, reducing your energy level will lead to weight gain over time.
Foods high in saturated fats should be replaced with monounsaturated fats and / or unsaturated fats, which means you should focus on foods that contain liquid vegetable oils.

Lack of sleep and sleep:

If you do not lose weight despite exercising a lot of exercise and a strict diet, it can be the cause of sleep deprivation.
In fact, not paying attention to getting a healthy and healthy sleep is one of the biggest mistakes that make people not lose weight naturally.
Sleep levels are linked to our hormone levels, and sleep deprivation leads to increased secretion of cortisol, which leads to fat storage. It can also cause fluctuations in hunger hormones, leptin and hormone ghrelin.

Body Stress:

Stress is a fact of life, but excess stress unfortunately can prevent you from losing weight, and even worse it can add some extra weight despite eating healthy and exercising daily. During stress, the brain instructs the cells to release cortisol, the hormone that makes you crave sugary, high-fat foods.

Protein Neglect:

Many nutrients play a key role in many aspects of regulating body weight and protein is one of them.
Protein is one of the most abundant micronutrients, helps maintain blood sugar and prevents excess fat deposits, so increasing protein along with physical activity and diet controls the energy which helps in weight loss.
Protein helps in generating heat, which is the body's metabolism which produces heat to burn calories.

Lack of drinking water:

Water forms more than two-thirds of body weight and plays an important role in determining body mass and overall weight.
Drought affects your body's burning of fat, promotes more calories, slows down metabolism, and reduces energy levels, increasing fatigue that makes it difficult to be active.

Drink only:

Those who wish to lose weight with minimal effort often choose to drink liquid drinks, and this is a mistake to be followed in a weight loss plan.
Green fruit juices and juices do not provide your body with all the essential nutrients, since juices lack fiber and protein, which are the essential nutrients in getting what the body needs and helps it burn.
In addition, packaged juices are often loaded with artificial sugar, preservatives and harmful chemicals. Drinking canned juice raises blood sugar levels, leading to hunger and over-eating.

Relying only on exercise:

Another mistake that many people make is simply relying on physical exercise just without a healthy diet.
Exercising is essential to a healthy lifestyle and getting rid of excess weight, but if exercise is not combined with a diet plan and lifestyle change, it can forget the goal of losing weight.

Repeat the same exercise daily:

If you are doing just one exercise over and over again, this is a loss of weight.
When you do the same exercise daily, your body gets used to it, resulting in little weight loss, and can even cause muscle growth in some areas of the body more than others.
Plus, indulging in the same physical routine leads to boredom and soon will stop doing

Over-eating on weekends:

After a strict diet and exercise routine throughout the week, most people feel lazy during the weekend, and this greatly hinders weight loss.
Routine on the weekends is very different from the days of the week. More food and drink are often eaten, as is exercise.
Events and social and family gatherings often occur over the weekend, making it an opportunity to eat more foods high in calories and sugars.