Keto diet is a diet based on fat as a primary source of calories, with protein at 15-20% of calories, and finally carbohydrates by 5-10%.

In the keto system, you rely on small molecules called ketones, the alternative fuel that gives you energy. Carbohydrates enter a small amount and proteins in a moderate way, so the source of energy in that state changes. This is known as the "ketoosis" process, and if done correctly, it helps you get great results.

The system works mentally. When the blood sugar is lower, it turns to fat to absorb its energy to perform daily tasks, giving the body the opportunity to get rid of these fats by burning and disposing of them. Dependence on fat will only reduce the intake of foods containing sugars and carbohydrates, such as: chocolate, pomegranate, juices, fast foods, pasta and potatoes, and the body is dependent on food to eat eggs, vegetables, meat and fish, and natural fats such as butter and natural oils.

Is the Keto system suitable for everyone?

There is no diet suitable for all humans, the bodies differ in their reactions when entering the nutrients, as well as other factors affecting the body's acceptance of the system of keto , including: If you are a diabetic, at what stage? Which medications are you taking? If you are a high-pressure patient, what medications do you take? If you are breastfeeding, what is the result of your recent analysis? Is this suitable for the child? All previous and other cases should be under the supervision of a doctor, so do not recommend to follow any new diet until after the necessary analysis and presented to a nutritionist aware of all dimensions of the diet.

What do you eat in the Keto system?

In order to reach the status of the "ketosis" we talked about, carbohydrates must be reduced mainly in your daily system, and the most important foods that must be avoided in the system of quito because it is rich in carbohydrates and sugar are:
Soft drinks

There is a large list of types of food and recipes allowed in the Quito system are all dependent on vegetables and a few types of fruits, proteins and healthy fats, and must eat sufficient amounts of water and other beverages allowed without the addition of sugar, such as: tea, herbs and coffee in limited quantities.

There are some tests that should be followed by those who decided to follow the system of ketogenek, or the so-called Quito Diet diet low carb rich in protein, and some important analysis before starting this diet, as follows: Red blood cells White blood cells Hemoglobin Kidney functions Blood sugar level Blood pressure measurement Liver functions
Measure the level of all fats in the body "cholesterol, HDL, LDL. Pregnant doctors, diabetics, and hypertensive patients have been prevented from starting the ketogenic system, because of its side effects that may adversely affect the health condition. In addition, it affects the public health as it reduces the proportion of vitamins and minerals of the body, which is obtained with the intake of certain types of fruits and vegetables, which are considered to be prohibited during the first 14 days