Many women are looking for these exercises to get rid of excess fat on the sides and It is important for those who are overweight at the waist and want to get a body shaved body, but it is also important for men to support the tendons of the legs and strengthen the muscles of the forearm, and important to tighten the muscles of the chest, Sports.

Benefits of plank exercises

Tummy Tuck.
  Carve the waist.
  Tighten the muscles of the shoulders and arms.
Tighten the chest muscles.
  Support the hamstrings.
Helps you balance.
  Strengthens the spine and reduces back pain.
  This exercise is important because it helps to improve the mood, if you are nervous, perform this exercise to get rid of stress.

Steps to exercise plank to tighten the abdomen

You have to be consistent all the time while doing this exercise, and you can play it for 20 seconds to two minutes. Before doing any Planck exercises, you should equip the floor with carpets.