There are several reasons for fat accumulation in the buttock area, which is one of the stores of fat in the body, most of those who suffer from weight in the buttocks in the buttocks either have bad eating habits, and perhaps the types of food they eat are unhealthy and high in fat and calories, Above all, they do not exercise, and seek comfort in any way, so the result is natural. The solution is to reduce the amount of fat and sugar consumed by the body by avoiding foods with fat and calories. We offer you a way how to lose excess weight of your buttocks in a week

Tips to help remove fat from the buttocks
Do not eat foods rich in sugar and fat, replacing them with vegetables and fruits.
Frequent drinking of water is about two liters a day to get rid of fat
Green tea helps dissolve fat in this area, so drink a cup of it daily.
I walk as much as possible is the best exercise to burn fat at the buttocks area.
Avoid sitting for long periods because this leads to accumulation of fat in the buttocks area.
Burn the fat in this area of ​​the body by dancing zumba or belly dancing.

Cinnamon Honey and Magic Honey to Burn Fat Buttocks
the ingredients Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, a teaspoon of natural honey and a glass of water. how to prepare Put the water boil on low heat and then add cinnamon powder, Remove the pot from the fire and clean it after it calms down with the addition of honey and stirring. Take this drink in the early morning on your lap and again before you go to sleep.