1- Of course all want to be slim but by logic you get be fat in a lot of years how you want to get rid of them in one or two months !!!!!

2- Breakfast is the most important thing u need to eat before 10 a.m 

3- After two or three hours of breakfast snacks are needed for burning as long as possible

4- Lunch from 2 to 5 most important appointments  lunch start with the soup and salad and after the protein    war cheated laugh with your body and yourself 

5- After two or three hours we will take another snack

6- the Dinner is the meal that makes you get fat so please not to eat after 7 p.m

7- Sleep early because the body burn at 11 p.m when we are sleeping

8- the carb not being burn after 7 p.m

9- the sugar make the burn stop to 2 hours after taking it

10- Play sport for an hour daily

11- wateeeeeeeeeeeeeeer drink alot of water daily